Davvisámegiella Åarjelsaemien

E-skuvlaE-skuvla is an e-learning company which teaches Sami language through the Internet and provides
digital learning material in Sami language and in other subjects on the Sami language.

E-skuvla started in 2000, and has the vision to give pupils and adults the opportunity to learn Saami language.
We started with teaching Saami language for beginners, and have then gradually advanced to teaching
Saami as a second language and now also Saami as a mother tongue. Here we present those our e-learning
materials which are available in English.


is a new online resource in Northern Sami for 4-5 year old children. Here children can watch movies where artists and children work on creative stuff. The children can also color pictures, find what is similar or different, play drums etc. There are also songs, yoiks, stories and rules in Hutkangiisá.

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Nigá website now available also in Lule and South Sámi! Nigá / Nigka / Nihkki are colorful websites for 4-5 year old children. With Nigá the children can listen to stories and songs, practice counting to 10, listen to the letter sounds in Sami, and learn the concepts similar, different, more / less, most / least, etc.

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Nihkki (North Sami)
Nihkki (Lule Sami)
Nigka (South Sami)

Mu uhca giellaoahpaš

The web site of Mu uhca giellaoahpaš (My little North Sami grammar) is now updated. There are five modules: verbs, nouns, numerals, adjectives and pronouns. There is also a printed book available to the exercises. The site is in North Sami.

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Nælját lávkke
ælját lávkke is a brand new online learning tool for students who read Lulesami as their second language or as a foreign language. Nælját lávkke is suitable to be used after Vuostasj, Nubbe and Goalmát lávkke and is suitable for learners who work with competence aims for level 7 (Sami as second language). This educational aid is free for pupils in Norwegian schools.

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