Distance education

E -skuvla offers distance education in Sami language. Instruction is provided via Skype and both online teaching aids and printed textbooks are used in the classes.

All Sami pupils in primary and secondary school in Norway have an individual right to have classes in Sami language (see Education Act, chapter 6). If the school lacks teaching resources, they can use distance learning, and this is what E-skuvla may help with.

All teaching is conducted by current curricula in Sami. E-skuvla has received support from the Norwegian Sami Parliament to the development of the online teaching aids used in classes. Please contact us if you have any questions!

The school takes contact with E-skuvla and a contract is signed. Then the pupil gets a username and a password to the digital classrom. The pupils are taught via Skype.

Norwegian schools with Sami pupils/students can apply Fylkesmannen i Finnmark (County Governor of Finnmark) for support to teaching the Sami language.

The support is provided for
Sami 1 (native)

Sami 2 (for students who can some Sami but who do not speak the language entirely when they start with the subject)

Sami 3 (for students who can not Sami when they start training)

Sami as a foreign language (for students who can not Sami, in Lower and Upper Secondary School)

Fylkesmannen i Nordland (County Governor of Nordland) is responsible for distance education in Lule and South Sami.

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